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How Art galleries can benefit from 3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours in art galleries are a powerful tool to feature several artworks at the same time. As they are immersive and interactive, galleries owners can share their spaces featuring a variety of paintings from different artists, or an unique artist show in a single virtual tour.

Once we capture virtually a space, the virtual tour link can be shared over an email list, embedded in websites, and shared on social media. It can be visualized and manipulated in all devices.

We offer what is called “TAGS”, where the name of the paintings, artist, media used, size of the painting, and any other information can be displayed right on the virtual tour. If any of the paintings are available for purchase online, a link can be added to the “Tag”, directing with one click to another website to be added in a shopping cart.

Videos can also be used on “Tags”. A great example for gallery owners is to feature the artist in a video that is already on YouTube or Vimeo. We can use our imagination with “Tags”, and create all sorts of features to display right on the virtual tour window.

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