3D Visualization Solutions

We transform any physical object into a digital 3D asset using photogrammetry techniques to be experienced in Augmented and Virtual Reality, and deployed in e-commerce platforms. 
equipment Case Study

Dumbbell Equipment Setup

We helped to digitalize this gym dumbbell equipment using photogrammetry techniques, by collecting several images of the real version to create this digital 3D twin, to be experienced in Augmented Reality, helping to support sales through e-commerce.
Art case study

Art Sculpture

We helped our art gallery clients to explore visualization of art pieces, rather are paintings or sculptures, in a immersive way, with AR and VR. Boosting their marketing engagement and e-commerce with so many more possibilities. Their clients can “try-on” some of their major pieces of art through AR deployment from their own App we develop, a QR code through their website, or as a shared WebAR experience from any smart device.